Friday, January 31, 2014

Could I Be Returning?

Ahoj all!

It's been a while.

I'm back with some interesting news: I might be coming back to Prague.

Interesting in the least...

There is a possibility that I will return, beginning this summer, to work for the company for which I completed my undergraduate internship. To be honest, I'm terrified, yet excited beyond belief. My time abroad was incredible, but as much as I claimed independence during that time, I still had the support of my program and funding from my school. Obtaining a visa, finding a flat, worrying about utility bills, banking, etc. in Czech? THAT is chilling.

I suppose my only option would be to learn to speak Czech...yikes.

On the plus side, I know the company and my colleagues, I have a feel for the city, I know I can (mostly) function without speaking Czech, I have a few friends around, and I love Prague.

Is this what my next step is supposed to be?
I'll keep you updated.

Cheers, and welcome back!


  1. Exciting! If you want a tour guide for Holland, I'm your gal! :)

    I have a Czech classmate here in Holland - she's also learning Dutch!

    Also, maybe your company/friends will help you with the visa from their end and finding a flat (or knowing what places are good)?

    1. Hi Jessica!

      I spent a wonderful long spring weekend in Holland while I was abroad - what an incredibly beautiful place!!

      If I end up back in Prague, I would love to re-explore the city with you! Have you been to Prague?

      I'm thinking too that the company would assist in my relocation. I'm waiting to receive the official details of the job, but I'm sure negotiating is possible =)

      Thanks for checking out my blog & sharing your thoughts!!

    2. Yep, I went for a long weekend with some highschoolers in spring 2012 - loved it!